elder law

Elder Law

Elder law is a specialized field focusing on legal matters affecting the elderly and disabled, including long term care planning, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, as well as Veteran’s Benefits. We can help you and your family protect your savings, maximize all available government benefits, and make arrangements for long term care inside or outside of the home.

No one likes to think of someone they love losing their independence. But for many elderly people requiring daily assistance with basic needs is a reality. The financial burden of long term care can be devastating – receiving even a modest level of care can costs thousands of dollars per month. The quality of care and availability of services vary and choosing the right options can be a daunting task. Throughout the process personal conflicts often arise, even in the closest of families. As Elder Lawyers we can help you minimize and manage all of these potential complications.

There are a variety of options to provide care for a loved one, including in-home services, as well as assisted living and nursing homes. There are resources to help you choose a suitable option for your loved one and establish a care plan so he or she has the highest quality of life possible. If you fail to plan most if not all of your loved one’s money will be lost to the costs of care. With proper planning, government benefits such as Medicaid and Veterans Benefits are potentially available to cover most if not all of the costs.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed with worry. With smart, professional planning we can help you protect the savings your loved one spent a lifetime building, while ensuring the best possible care is provided. We can tailor estate planning documents to your situation to ensure that all financial and care needs are handled as desired and family conflicts are minimized if not avoided. We have an extensive network of exceptional care facilities, private caregivers, financial specialists and other health care professionals to draw upon. We offer a comprehensive solution for all of the challenges that the elderly face so you and your family can have the peace of mind you deserve.

Medicaid Planning

medicaid planning

Medicaid is a government health care program for people who have little or no money. Medicaid pays for many health care costs, including long-term nursing home costs. Medicaid planning involves reorganizing a person’s money and property to protect it and maximize Medicaid benefits.

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