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Will Contest

The probate court has jurisdiction over disputes concerning Estates and Trusts, as well as Guardianships and Conservatorships. Trusts generally avoid probate, but any dispute or objection regarding a Trust’s administration will be adjudicated by the probate court, in the same way that the probate court has authority regarding matters involving Wills.

Sometimes commonly referred to as a Will Contest, disputes often arise regarding the validity of a person’s Will or Trust, the conduct of the personal representative or trustee, or various aspects of the administration of the decedent’s assets. Still more often, heirs argue over who gets what – whether the argument is over a large sum of money or grandpa’s pocket watch.

In other cases, a dispute may arise with respect to the care of an elderly relative or parent who is living but needs help with financial and medical decisions (i.e., Powers of Attorney, Guardianships and Conservatorships). These matters often involve disagreements over the person’s medical care, the use of their funds, or their placement into assisted living or a nursing home.

Unfortunately, families often have differences regarding these matters. In such events, it is critical to have an experienced attorney representing you throughout the process to ensure that your rights are protected and your view is given the appropriate weight.

Disputes of this nature often pit family members against each other. We recognize the sensitive nature of such familial disputes and we are committed to protecting our clients’ rights and interests while giving the necessary consideration to the relationships that are affected by such proceedings. Probate litigation is a complex and unique area of law. We focus on all the aspects of the proceedings and are exceptionally well prepared to represent parties in probate litigation.

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